Saturday, July 07, 2007

I started drawing the Queen Bee in my sketchbooks back in about 2000 or so. Originally she had a helmet with antenae and bee-like wings and a crazy secret headquarters. Some of that stuff still shows up now and then, but as I kept drawing she got refined and my influences changed and she more or less is the way you see her now. I animated her first little introductory bit in about 2002, started the second one the same year and only recently have dusted it off and been looking at it again.
I have ample work and job type jobs to keep me busy these days, but more than anything I want to work on something that is all mine. Not a unique concept, but nevertheless...
In this space I will be posting comics in development, and abandoned and refurbished, character designs, sketches and links to animated stuff as I make it. The Queen Bee is pretty much an animated concept, so most of the stuff will lean that way.
I would love to hear what you think of it.

Here's a couple of links to The Queen Bees animated exploits so far-

The Queen Bee

The Queen Bee-Dr. Socket pt. 1

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