Wednesday, July 09, 2008

marker illo 11x14

marker illo 11x14, originally uploaded by honoluludogfight.

another marker piece.
one day i'll have a scanner big enough to
get the entire image,


Anonymous said...

nice images.
colorful and daring

Kevin Barber said...

I have just found my new favorite artist. Wonderfull.

Private Ed said...

I've been there... My scanner is not that large, either. If you have Photoshop and a coupe of minutes, you can get the whole image onto your blog.
-Start by scanning in what fits onto your scanner
-Scan in the rest and be sure to include overlapping sections of your image (n inch or two should do).
-Go to your largest image and increase the canvas size to match the real dimensions of your drawing (let the canvas "grow" in the direction you need it to)
-cut and paste the other images onto your largest image and arrange accordingly
-go to the lasso tool and change the feather to 15, select the areas where the layer overlaps the image below (but not ALL that overlaps) and delete.
-Rearrange each layer by using free transform or rotate
-If the colors don't quite match up, use Curves to adjust and your work should start to look seamless.
-Whatever splotches might be left you should be able to handle with a clone-stamp tool or healing brush.

This sounds a lot more complicated than it really is, and you may already know how to do something like this. Just thought your drawings were too good for us not to see the whole things. Keep it up.

Honolulu Dogfight said...

Brian- Thanks you as always. You going to be at artbeat? We have to say hi in person if so.

Kevin- Thanks so much! You posted on the drawing board as well right? Thanks for that too. I like your work as well, and you'll see me around your blog often.

Thanks for the tip private ed. I always try cobbling stuff together in photoshop, but that application is such a bummer sometimes. I'll give your suggestion a whirl though.

Look...No Hands said...

this is awesome!!!


Dan said...

Very cool, as usual.

BTW thanks for posting those marker drawing tips in your previous post -- those will go a long way towards helping a bonehead like me draw less like a bonehead... :)

Kat said...

Fabulous marker work! I love prismacolors, but haven't used them in ages either!
The character looks vaguely like a Nazi-Robin ^_^ ....altho Batman in Nazi germany would be a cool comic...kind of like Russian Superman. Haha.
When are you coming back to 360?? We're all missing the witty commentary!

Bob Flynn said...

Hey Honolulu! (George) :)
I just stumbled upon your sketchbook pages over at REALLY nice moleskine you've got going. And now I've found your blog. Art on!