Saturday, January 16, 2010

Work Stuff

This is from a job I did over a year ago for 360Kid here in Boston, the client was in an educational company in Texas called Compass Learning. It was a fun job and I got to design these birds and do some animation that I'll try and post later.


Bob Flynn said...

Fantastic designs, George! Especially like how they look on the teal blue background.

ScoutKnifez said...

You are
A/ stupid
B/ lazy
C/ ok but I just missed the information about you releasing a cartoon with these characters about a petshop where the secondary storyline is that the neighbourhood cat(s) trying to get in and have a feast while the main storyline involves the girl i saw in some other post of yours.

which one it is?

cheers /wave

ScoutKnifez said...

what i meant is that you should make a cartoon with these characters ^^