Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I really completely forget to post a lot of things I should like work and so forth on this site. So, in an effort to fix that, here you go.
Last summer I spent a little over three months drawing a ton of comics for an online interactive version of the board game Clue. Hasbro took a serpentine route to hire local interactive educational game folks 360Kid to make a version of the game for their new Hub launch. 360Kid hired me and my friend and art director Dave McMahon told me to draw "100 Bullets meets Tintin", which is the best art direction I've ever gotten. The game was apparently going to launch in October, and they seemed pleased with it. There are a lot of final pages made for each character and dozens and dozens of alternate situations that could crop up for a player, and tons of incidental things I made for it as well. These images are just some final art samples from before the type was added.
As you can expect, all the artwork is copyright Hasbro.

When I find some of the first round rejected stuff I will throw that up as well.

And also, I did some really rough redesigning of the .com version of Honolulu Dogfight. Overall it's coming together, but I made the address all finicky for some reason, so click on this or watch how you type it in, it doesn't need the www Can't figure out why. Go anyway and enjoy some small portfolio pieces and broken links.

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