Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's been about two years since I started this story. It got put on hiatus due to major turn of events on the domestic family front. I never intended to quit, and I have planned and re-planned how it is all going to play out. I originally posted the first fifteen installments I believe. Last night I lettered the 20th, and began laying out the 21st. The original fifteen have been formatted for the day this eventually gets printed and bound. I'm reposting the whole thing from the beginning in fits and starts to get everyone back into it. Below are the first four. Every week I'll throw up some more and eventually we'll get back to caught up and on with the new pages.
I also started a facebook group for The Phantom Skull, you should join or like it or whatever it one does with that sort of thing. I think you can find it by going here...
Please, comment freely and enjoy...

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