Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hey there!
Below are episodes 11-13 of The Phantom Skull. Next week should get us all caught up and the week after that-NEW EPISODES! The story is solidly back on track and heading into the final stages.
Also, the drawing seen here of Grace Morgan our currently pink pajama'd slightly headstrong and thoroughly perplexed love interest of The Phantom Skull is by animation student Joel Burgos. He gave this to me more than a year ago and has been bugging me for new Skull episodes every time I see him.
His latest student film is currently front paging on Cold Hard Flash, and you can check it out here...
He also keeps a regular blog of art things and such here...
So, there it is.
Read the Skull and get ready for new stuff.
Watch Joels film and look at his art stuff.
More to come, and thanks.

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