Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And now a few words regarding The Phantom Skull...
There is going to be a brief pause in the action for a bit. When I started this thing I was usually about four weeks ahead of the curve for posting. Work and a whole host of other real world obligations have narrowed that lead down considerably. I'm going to take a breather and get ahead of the game again.
I've received a ton of great emails, and comments and I could not be more pleased. Some have asked if this is a seat of the pants, make it up as I go endeavor and the answer to that is, no. I have a rough outline I've been working from, and I do full well know where it's going and what I think the final panels will look like.
Several of you have asked if this is coming out in book form and if there is a publisher. I want it to be a book, there is no publisher yet. Part of taking a pause here, not only gets me ahead on the strip, but lets me research and maybe get some samples to people that may be interested.
Paul Conrad of the awesome Super Robot Monster blog gave me the best comment via email, saying he wants to be able to hand a book of these strips to his kids, and that has been my absolute goal with this. Simple rollicking adventure stuff that I would have liked when I was younger.
In thinking about this as a potential piece of printed matter, I also realize that it's going to need some additional material. That is to say I have some backup story ideas. Not necessarily Skull stories either, and I may want to fine tune one of those to include in a book.
The Skull will return very soon, probably in a couple of weeks, and the story is going to be racing towards a dramatic conclusion, so stay tuned.